Yellow bridge so tourism icon Nusa Penida

Yellow bridge so tourism icon Nusa Penida

Yellow bridge so tourism icon Nusa Penida

Yellow bridge that connects with Nusa Lembongan Island Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida Klungkung Regency, an island separated from the Mainland of Bali are equipped with a ornamental light colorful, iconic tourism


“The bridge along the 140 meters and width of 1.8 meters now becomes attraction for the community and foreign tourists in the afternoon until the evening with colorful lights,” said Perbekel Lembongan, Nusa Penida I Gede Ketut Arjaya, Wednesday.


He said, public facilities, also known as the bridge of love is always be the attraction of foreign tourists who began visiting the secluded island of Bali.


“For foreign tourists less complete it feels if it cannot capture the momentum in a yellow Bridge, either day or night,” said I Ketut Gede Arjaya.


Hundreds of foreign tourists every afternoon in the vicinity of the bridge of love while waiting for the sunset, so the afternoon while watching the beauty of the Yellow clad Bridge with ornamental lamps.


The new bridge was inaugurated in Hindu rituals (dipelaspas) 25 February 2017 ‘s built with the funds of the Central Government through Halls River and the streets of Bali Penida of Rp3,4 billion.


The construction of the bridge, since the previous public facilities it collapsed mid December 2016 and in rebuilding it diperuas 0.2 meters from the previous width of 1.6 metres be 1.8 meters. But the footage remains 140 meters.


The Yellow bridge has significance for local people, including foreign tourists and the berliburan in the area.


The bridge has the strength to bear the load of some 30 tons, but specifically reserved for pedestrians and motorcycles.


Nusa Penida Islands consisting of one sub has an area of 363 km2 or two thirds of the territory of Klungkung Regency. Only one third of the territory of Klungkung Regency that become one with the Mainland.


Communities in remote islands that over this crossing with the use of boat and shiproro with enough wave conditions dahyat. Nusa Jaya Abadi ship operating since 2007 connecting the dock Nusa Penida (Klungkung) with the port of Padangbai, Karangasem Regency can be reached within 30 minutes.


The island of Nusa Penida and nusa two other left by the ocean that has a panorama of nature under the sea with the coral reefs lestari bersarangnya venues hundreds of ornamental fish are colorful.


The underwater scenery is very enjoyed by foreigners who had been to reach out to that location using a boat tour from Benoa Harbour, departing in the morning and return in the afternoon.

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