What’s The Difference Between Hydroponics And Aquaponik?

What’s The Difference Between Hydroponics And Aquaponik?

For those of you who are fond of farming is certainly no stranger to hear the term hydroponics or aquaponik. But do you know where lies the difference of both of these techniques?

In principle, hydroponics and aquaponik have similar cropping system, i.e. plantingwithout soil and nutrients given through the medium of water. However there are a few things that distinguish these two techniques, including:

If on hydroponic nutrients given separately through the water, the aquaponik combines the jasa tukang taman surabaya system with the system maintenance fish (aquaculture). Aquaponik utilizes the shit issued by fish to parsed and converted into the bacteria through the process of nitrification become nutrients for the plants.
On aquaponik there are 4 types of species which need to be safeguarded stability, i.e., crops, fish, as well as a minimum of 2 different bacteria. While hydroponics need only pay attention to the plants only.
The techniques are capable of accelerating hydroponic plant growth by way of ‘ forcing ‘ the nutrients as high as possible, so that the result is more optimal in the soonest possible time.
Sterilization is very prominent on hydroponics. Everything, including planting mediasuch as hydroton disteril before reuse. Yet another case with aquaponik who depend on bacteria. Hydroponic techniques then it will be easier to cope with pests and diseases, because it only needs to pay attention to the plants only comparable aquaponik the need to maintain the stability of the 4 species.
In conclusion, although both of these techniques looks similar, but different treatmentnya processes. Hydroponics simply need to maintain the stability of its vegetationonly grows in order for optimum. Whereas, in aquaponik there are some noteworthy species so that its growth is balanced. Whatever technique you choose, both of these techniques has advantages and drawbacks of each.

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