the worst Wedding Gift 3 Always Brought Guests

When friends or relatives to marry, you will surely think of what should be brought as a gift for their wedding, right? Most guests will give an envelope of money because the assessed practical, easy to carry and is definitely helpful for couples who got married.

But sometimes because this is a special moment, so you want to give a special gift for the bridal couple, not just money. But make sure you avoid paying for this stuff to them Yes, because it turns out that this stuff is not so necessary.
1. beautiful ceramic plates
Plates with gold decoration with clean white colors this sure looks expensive, luxurious and classy. But actual married couples unable to wear them as everyday tableware. They will certainly choose simple cutlery, finally kadomu only meet the Cabinet and so on display only.

2. expensive tableware
More modern family think of what more practical, useful and efficient. They don’t need a dinner like a five star restaurant. So avoid buying them clear glass footed or one set of dishes and cutlery. Most likely they do not wear it and kadomu so it seems useless.
3. Luxury Bed cover
Just bought a set of simple but good quality bed linen, rather than a set of bed cover with luxurious decoration. This small family recently started home appliances and luxury may not be the things they need at this time, let alone just to sleep. They prefer to save money for your life together.
So, start now look for gifts in the form of goods that can be used immediately and beneficial to their daily lives, which can direct their use. Don’t buy luxury items that you think would be useful but in fact are not, unless they ask you to immediately bought him.

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