The Style Of Swimming For Pregnant Women

The Style Of Swimming For Pregnant Women

Many of the benefits that can be obtained by jasa pembuat kolam renang of the sport of swimming. in order to better optimized, according to swimming instructor, who is also a former national swimmer kevin rose nasution, who continue to diligently swam on while pregnant, the force pool dianjukan to ibuhamil i.e. breaststroke, free, as well as the back.

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Accounting basis in the swim, no need to be a lot of power and movement too excess at the waist and stomach.
Working on slowly. careful time did the movement of the foot kicking, you shall notdisentak or overwhelming kick to the back.
Launch the breaststroke to make your body streamlined position (straight on the surface of the water). This relieves the tension in her back caused the stomach enlarges.
Take a breath of time raised his head then exhale time gliding in the air, helping to train maternity time breathing.
Rhythmic movements waging a blood circulation and reduce leg swelling due to circulatory less smoothly.
Hand movements of pedaling, train the muscles of the hand and Flex muscles rigid.

Safe, because the movement is slow and does not require excess at the waist too as well as the stomach.
Leg movement according to its strength, do not be too dihentak or too fast.
Hand movements that rotate one by one in turns, to help strengthen the muscles of the hands, shoulders, and back, until you are ready to handle the increase of the weight of his body.
The settings of the breath is also very helping train breathing, so ready to vaginal birth.
The Style Of The Stage

Not recommended if you have not mastered it makes.
Working on in the mid trimester 2 and trimester 3, to mengatsai the impact of the increase of the weight of the abdomen on the sides of the body to another.
The position of the terlentang above the water surface, making your body relaxes.
Hand movements alternately turning back, train weak muscles in the arms, shoulders, dfaerah and pungung.
Movement distance in accordance with strength, not too fast and not using power too. the movement of the legs in the same backstroke like a freestyle.
Stay away from the butterfly style. because a lot of beat personnel wear waist and hip place. also lots of power when the abdominal muscles kuras mengangakat Agency to take a breath. keseliuruhan movement concerned about causing less good for the fetus.

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