The ritual “pujawali” added attraction of Tanah Lot

The ritual “pujawali” added attraction of Tanah Lot

Ritual “Pujawali” at Pura Luhur Tanah Lot, Kediri, Tabanan Regency, which was attended by thousands of people from different areas in Bali for four days (19-22 April 2017), adds to the appeal of the tourist attraction.

“Thousands of people who are doing the worshipping interchangeably in ancient temple relic of the century XVI the overhanging the sea location was becoming attraction for domestic and foreign tourists,” said operations manager tourist destination (DTW) Tanah Lot, Toya Adnyana, diTabanan, Thursday.

He says, people queue to execute the worshipping it happens since morning to evening, sehinggga people became the attraction for tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful Tanah Lot tour.

“Not infrequently also perpetuate the momentum, especially in the afternoon, due to the increasing tourists visit. They have mingled in the beach together with the people, “said Toya Adnyana.

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He describes the ritual of “head” that adds to the attractiveness of tourist attraction, because many travelers waiting for the momentum of the rituals, even those willing to wait a day to be able to capture activities that can not be found in her country.

Tourists are excited to witness the religious procession in DTW Tanah Lot. Hindus who came from different areas in Bali generally arrive between 05.00-07.00 Wita, because ocean waters are erode.

The peak of the ritual activities held on Wednesday (19/4) since 07:00 a.m. to 11:30 with led Regent Gede Temple Mangku Semudra.

The mood of visitors on tourist Land Lot (BETWEEN photos/Wira Suryantala/nym/kye/15).

Tanah Lot tour object in the form of an ancient temple located “perched” above Beraban Beach rock that became the mainstay attractions Tabanan Regency.

The attractions during the year 2016 received a visit as much as 3,371,928 tourists made up of foreign tourists and a number of 1,720,490 people (52 percent) and tourist archipelago of 1,651,438 people (49 percent).

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When compared to the previous year, the number of visits that are experiencing a significant improvement, because during the years 2015 only recorded 3,179,616 people.

“The shrine Hindus, as well as on tourism, the mainstay of it, as long as it does keep the mystery and uniqueness that makes travellers visit it is mandatory,” he said.

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