The principle of “not yet five seconds” for food falling

The principle of “not yet five seconds for food falling

The principle of "not yet five seconds" for food falling

The food that falls to the floor it is usually safe to be eaten under the principle of “five-second rule“, said the scientists.


They found the number of germs attached vary, depending on the type of food that falls as well as the type of surface.


They concluded, harmful germs do not stick when the food is just a few seconds of falling on the floor in the room.


Scientists from Aston University, Birmingham, put 10 million bacteria above the tileand carpet. The number of germs that are hundreds of times more than an ordinaryHouse.


They drop the toast, crackers, cooked pasta and candy sticky, then noting how many germs that attaches after 3 and 30 seconds.


Bread and biscuits containing 25 to 50 germ above the tiles, and just 10 when falling on the carpet. That figure hardly changed though time is increased.


The number of germs that are considered harmful to health varies depending of the bacteria itself, but roughly reached 10,000.


Cooked pasta contains 2,500 germs after falling for three seconds above the tiles, increases so 7,500 allowed for 30 seconds.


But there are only 175 germs that clings to the pasta when it fell for three seconds on the carpet, and the number is relatively constant after 30 seconds.


Germs more stuck to the sticky food. While carpet transferring fewer bacteria because the surfaces in contact with food is smaller, only at the ends of the fibers of the carpet.


But eating a food that fell to the floor is certainly not entirely risk-free.


Professor Anthony Hilton from Aston University reminds the foods that fall into the dirty surface should not be eaten. But as long as the surface looks cleaner, the foodshould be eaten safely if only fell a few seconds on the floor in a room, as reported by The Sun.

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