The danger of drying the laundry in the House

The danger of drying the laundry in the House

The danger of drying the laundry in the House

Drying wet clothes inside the House can increase indoor humidity to 30 percent andtriggering the growth of mold, which leads to bad for health.


According to the Asthma Society of Ireland expert, it could affect people who are difficult breathing, asthma, weakened immune systems or skin problems.


It could also affect infants, children and the elderly.


Pheena the Asthma Society of Ireland Keeny said, “humid environments triggers the growth of mold that can release spores“.


Spore trigger allergic reactions for some people. Mold and mold spores are often invisible to the eye.


Pheena describes usually when people inhale the spores, the immune system will help get it out through coughing and sneezing.


If you are not sensitive to mold, you will not react. But for people who have asthmaare sensitive to mold spores, it can be a trigger, make asthma symptoms worse the more. “


Then, better drying clothes outdoors, or use a dryer.


Avoid drying the laundry too wet in the room or area family, periodically open the window to improve the ventilation of the House.


Extractor fan is also another solution reduces moisture in the kitchen and bathrooms clean, and keep air conditioners to improve ventilation, as reported by The Sun.

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