The Chinese are interested in house wedding in Bali

The Chinese are interested in house wedding in Bali

The Chairman of the Bali Wedding Association (BWA) Ketut Agus Dion Satvika said travelers from China and Australia‘s most meminati make a wedding party on the island of the gods.


“If used to be dominated by tourists from Australia, now compete with the numberof tourists from China. They both love the beach atmosphere for weddings, “said Dion, in Denpasar, Sunday.


While the concept of wedding theme raised, continued he, generally Western-style,but there are also combined with Balinese culture.


For this year, we predicted more and more weddings held in Bali, due in January which usually tend to be quiet, but earlier this year every day there are rolling out the wedding party,” he said.


The display Windows of the experience of the previous year, weddings in Bali will start many of the month of May. Meanwhile, from January to April, the average per day there are four weddings that are served by members of the BWA, but starting May 15 marriage party can achieve in a day.


Dion added, China and Australia that make a marriage party in Bali, do not generallyinclude an invitation that is too large. They prefer only to invite relatives and closest friends.


Even so, the cost of which they eject cannot be said because of all the little trinketsyour wedding to kateringnya is the class that is best,” he said again.


Bali as the site of the wedding party, further Dion, as well as the more popular by travelers from Japan and India. They also liked the view of the beach to the cliffs to make a marriage.


“It’s just a special India, tourist, undiluted raised the concept of local culture. They chose Bali more beautiful view to chase, “said Dion again.


Public Relation of Bali Wedding Association Elbie Damara added Bali getting lovedbeing the purpose of the execution of the wedding party, and becoming a new tourism potential.


“They are from outside the country of residence time also pretty long, an average of5-10 days because at one time used as a chance for a vacation, so that the hotels also receive sustenance,” said Elbie.


Especially if it’s a wedding party which showcases people Indonesia, though relatively brief stay in Bali, but usually quite large number of invitation to 100 people.


Menggeliatnya wedding business in Bali, at least can help lift the okupansi hotel in the middle of an excess amount of hotel rooms here,” he said.

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