The 19th century industrial themed restaurant this presents three concepts in one location

The 19th century industrial themed restaurant this presents three concepts in one location

Carrying the interior inspired by the industrial revolution of the 19th century, the United Kingdom restaurant Baxter Smith on the road No. 28 Suryo Senopati offers three different shades of the concept in a single location.


Baxter Smith offers a concept of one stop venue, dining that has entertainment venue for relaxation,” said Mahfuz Agil, Operations Manager Baxter Smith in Jakarta, Thursday (16/3).


The masculine impression with d├ęcor that combines wood, leather and copper become rusty look it‘s got three areas: dining room, a lounge and a roof bar.


The dining area is on the first floor that makes you as though it is in the factory of the past with metal accents, out there here as well as light classical.


If you want to relax music accompanied by live DJ from stamping, there is a loungeon the second floor which has a Zeppelin-style decor of the 19th century.


Views of the sky from Jakarta with skyscraper buildings can be enjoyed on the roofbar third floor that all the walls and the roof consists of transparent glass.


This top-floor, you can also inhale the air of the capital area’s pool while gazing at the Jakarta evening. In the roof bar, the ear will be accompanied by the strains of easy listening music from bands that performed at the small stage.


A blend of Asian and European culinary chef Sigit Untoro patrolled Baxter Smith.


Some of the highlights include the Tuna Tataki. Served with carrot puree mellow with a gingery seared tuna and plus fresh salads with ginger ponzu dressing.


There is also a fresh Roast Pumpkin salad and Beetroot Salad containing pieces of dice beets, roast pumpkin, orange segment and almond and truffle dressing plus lettuce.


There is also a selection of wine and other alcohol drinks that Mixologist dikurasi Doni Ancient Irianto. Doni also make creative drinks cocktails and mocktails fussion is unique.


There are Mint Swizzle with fresh green colors of the mixture of kiwi, rambutan, mint leaves and lime juice delights to remove the thirst.


Chocolate lovers can choose Chocolate Milk shakes that Nutella feels light because it is more liquid than regular milk shakes. The drink is blended from nutella, cinnamon, almonds, vanilla ice cream and fresh milk.


Want more challenging? Try Jennifer Smoke Beef made with pour blackberry liquerwith a distinctive flavorful smoke into a glass containing a mixture of tropical fruit puree, cucumber infused gin, chilli and blackpepper syrup as well as some kinds of liquer.


Although her name Westernized, this drink has a similar sense of hot and spicy butdelicious fruit.


Prepare to be blown away because the process of making Jennifer Smoke Beef accompanied by performing acrobatics using the api.

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