Smart Steps Take The KPR

Smart Steps Take The KPR
Have my own house so it is definitely a dream of many people. Unfortunately home prices continue to soar high often makes us bite the fingers. The effort to collect the best down payment is always useless because other needs hit.

Actually anyone can realize the dream of owning your own home. However, it is to buy a House needed careful planning. Currently there are two ways you can do to buy a House, that is in cash and with Mortgages (MORTGAGES) via the bank.

The purchase of the House by way of a MORTGAGE is the olx rumah solo ┬ámost widely chosen by today’s society because it felt more ease.

The problem before accepting your submission, the bank has its own assessment against Your MORTGAGE credit submission. For that there are some clever way that you can do to make it easier for You to prepare the filing diridalam KPR.

Create Target Since Much Of The Day

Buying a home is certainly different to buying just the electronic goods, because the price is much higher.

Therefore, you need to prepare physically matured since the far-distant day. Create the target House prices that you will buy with the KPR.

However, you also need to estimate the price of purchasing in the coming years. Calculate how much home price increase per year so that your calculation is not much different when you’re ready to take the KPR.

Example: the price of the home you want to dream this time around Rp200 Million, then an estimate of the home price around 2-3 years worth Rp300 million.

From this value you can estimate the DP is to be paid are generally 30 percent and the cost of the notary. So you can target ranging from now on how much money you have to collect to pay the initial costs.

Create Cash Book

The cash book is important use to record in detail every income and expense, so that the flow of funds could be more transitions in mind clearly.

There are many ways to make cash book, can be manually or you can use the cash book application online (more practical because the calculation is done automatically).

With the cash book, you can specify the priority and needs to know the maximum limit that you can spend each month. With the cash book you could be disciplined in saving.

Save money in the Bank that owns the MORTGAGE

Currently many banks offer MORTGAGE facilities, take advantage of the facilities properly by opening a savings account at banks that provide MORTGAGE facilities.

The Bank will certainly see this as an important point of reference approval if at any time you ask a MORTGAGE in the bank. One step closer towards a dream home, deh.

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Buy Gold

If you have already started a routine save in the bank each month, think of a way to add to the coffers of your savings by way of saving up the gold.

Just FYI, gold is one of the reliable investment because its value is rarely rushes even inflation tends to rise.

Gold buy with money savings for the downpayment home when the price of gold goes down. Then, in a moment of resale price of gold rises. Do it over and over again, in this way effectively to increase Your MORTGAGE savings.

Adjust the Installment Income mortgages

If savings is ready, just think about the MORTGAGE repayments. Try a value of installments in accordance with your financial capabilities. MORTGAGE repayments are not to be a burden.

This should be thought out in detail because it would take a very long period of time. Bank regulations generally set a repayment MORTGAGE per month shall not exceed 30 percent of their income each month.

You can menyiasatinya with raising cash advance payment at the beginning. Usually by paying larger DP automatic installment per month will be lighter.

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