Recipes to Make Simple Cassava Lemet

Snacks in Indonesia is no end to be discussed, not just the traditional snacks, but also a modern snack or cake, and today is growing rapidly. Indonesia is famous for culinary paradise, because there are a variety of recipes that can be tried. Starting from vegetable recipes, cake recipes, meat recipes, chicken recipes, seafood and much more.

Traditional snacks are increasingly difficult to find, it may be for us who still have relatives or elderly parents still often make traditional snacks. Because as we know the traditional snack is not so in the interest of more and even children now prefer snacks or cakes that are sold in stores or minimarkets.


One traditional snacks that are difficult to find is lemet, yes chewy foods from cassava may be unfamiliar to most young people. Though lemet a snack are served to relax their spare time with family.

To make lemet itself is not difficult, recipes lemet we’ve shared quite simple, though later the result is still less than perfect, because everyone is different cooking results. For those interested in making this lemet can listen to the following recipe.


Recipes to Make Cassava Lemet Jajan

Cooking time: 75 minutes
Tip serving: 30 pieces

Ingredients :

– 50 grams of cassava scar, discard the water
– 150 grams of coarsely grated coconut
– 25 ml water
– ½ tsp salt
– 100 grams of sugar
– decoration / color according to taste
– Banana leaves for wrapping

How to make :

1. Mix cassava, coconut, water, salt and sugar and mix evenly.
2. Take a banana leaf, put the dough and elongated shape, wrap and fold the right and left. Do not forget to lock the ends of the wrapper.
3. Steam for 30 minutes over medium heat until cooked and lift lepet
4. Serve immediately while still warm.

Lemet dough is made from cassava which became a source of carbohydrates other than rice. Lemet course meal with a fitting portion makes the stomach becomes full. Easy is not made lemet, good luck and thanks for listening recipe makes lemet cassava .

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