President’s Cup fishing competition demand abroad participants

President’s Cup fishing competition demand abroad participants

President’s Cup fishing competition in South Halmahera Regency or Halmahera, North Maluku (Malut) which will take place at the end of October 2017 many interested participants from abroad.


So far there are six clubs anglers from abroad, including from Australia who has expressed his desire to join the President’s Cup fishing competition,” said the head of the Department of marine and Fisheries Rajiloen Jars in Ternate, Wednesday.


President’s Cup fishing competition called Widi Fishing International Tournament was held over the cooperation between the leading Coordinating Ministry, Ministry ofmarine and fisheries, Ministry of tourism, the provincial government and South Halmahera District Malut.


According to Jar Rajiloen, a fishing competition for the President’s Cup was first held in Indonesia was expected to be followed by at least 300 anglers professionals from home and abroad, as well as involving thousands of fishing boats in South Halmahera.


The location of the fishing competition organizing plan opened directly by the President of the Joko Widodo concentrated in the area of the waters of the island Widi, one of the attractions of South Halmahera nautical mainstay.


Organizing a fishing competition will be made an annual activity that, according toRajiloen, the Pitcher is going to be momentum for a southern Halmahera Malut, particularly to promote nautical tourism potential in the area.


It’s not just the tourism potential of the form beauty of the panorama of the beach and under the sea, in particular in the area of the existing Island Widi, but also the fishing tourism potential lately more and more attractive to tourists from abroad.


Rajiloen jars, adding, organizing the President’s Cup fishing competition is also expected to contribute to the improvement of people’s income in that area, in particular the coastal communities and fishermen, of whom from the fish vessel rental will be used in the participants in the following race.

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