Plus Minus Buying a Home For Students Outside the City

Plus Minus Buying a Home For Students Outside the City

Property investment can start from many opportunities. One of them, when the need for rental occupancy in the long term. Many think, rather than paying rent bills each month, better the money diverted to install mortgage (Home Ownership Credit).

This is also much considered by parents when sending their children outside the city or abroad. They think to buy their children home to live while demanding education to save money kos-kosan while investing. However, rumah minimalis sederhana what to buy a home is the best investment opportunity?

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Pay attention to Investment Objectives

Location factors become the main benchmark if you want to invest property. For favorite student cities like Jogjakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, where the value of its property is rising rapidly per year, it is not necessary to think long to invest. After completion of the child’s education, you can resell the house unit with a profit.

Buying a home unit is a smart investment if parents plan to rent it for a long time. Especially if after graduation, the child plans to stay occupy the house while working.

Meanwhile, for families with high income and wealth, buying a house on behalf of a child can be a wise decision. So that the house automatically becomes a heritage assets inherited to the child, without paying high taxes.

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Understand the Negative Side

After graduation, renting a house as a boarding house may be the choice of some people to make a profit. However, with a location quite far from where you live, you can not often monitor the condition of the rental unit. For that, you may need help from close relatives or trusted people to replace the task.

Parents also need to consider the worst possible. For example, if it turns out the child is not able to complete the education to complete, with the reason in the drop out, or do not feel at home on campus. So the purchase of a house can this can hurt parents.

In addition, generally children ages 18 to 21 years have not been able to do maintenance and home improvement properly. As a parent, you should be prepared to provide extra expenses for home improvements that may be in need.

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