Manage Your Home Finances To Practice Being A Smart Consumer

Ladies, women there must be just the temptation to shop. This custom sometimes get carried away when you’ve been a wife who manage the finances of the House. Consider how many actual brand not you need for your home yet still ye buy? Without you even knowing, there may be many nih.

Confident in shopping indicating you as the consumer follows lho. So you can sort out the brand which are at the top of mind and really needed at home. Than the actual brand wasn’t too needed money to buy it so promo jsm alfamart¬†you can set aside for savings.

To ease you judge the goodness of a product, can be seen from cap Superbrands inherent in it. Superbrands institution itself is the world’s largest international arbitrator for the leading brand. In order to get it, a product must have the best criteria and got a positive response from you as consumers.

“Being a brand that is trusted and tested for stability and for the development of a product,” said CEO of Superbrands, Mayasari Grandtyana, in the ‘ Relaunch ‘ Superbrands in NUM. Dharmawangsa, Thursday (19/1).

In analyzing the satisfaction of Consumer Superbrands, using the results of the survey conducted by the Nielsen Company, a leading provider of market research and consumer needs. Hety Riatono said as the Consumer Insight Director at Nielsen Indonesia that predicate Superbrands starts from consumer response in the field.

Hety and his team did a live interview to homes with the target respondents aged 15-55 years. According to him, there are various factors that affect the products preferred by consumers. ” The influence from the outside would have been plenty. Not necessarily the consumer using a particular product, but the popularity of a brand can affect their mind-set, “said Hety.

In addition there is a trend of consumers are turning to social media to shopping. Data from Nielsen calls 53% of respondents using this kind of media to find the products they choose. However, instead of social media is the “temptation” of shopping often come.

Yuk, tamengi yourself by being a smart consumer. If you need guidance on a product, Superbrands has a #konsumenpintar campaign was also helped by the buzzer. From there, you will get an education at the same time able to shop carefully.

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