Intend To Insure Your Own Property? Get to know the Ropes!

Intend To Insure Your Own Property? Get to know the Ropes!

The fire incident that struck several apartments in Jakarta some time ago apparently left a big question mark from the property owners; Will the property they inhabit will be compensated if they experience such an accident? Medium, the actual fire incident is not their fault.

The answer, of course you can. But of course if you use property insurance. Like health insurance, your dwelling also needs to be insured, considering the property is an investment asset that has an increasing price progress.

Not only to get financially compensated, using your property rumah minimalis 2 lantai insurance can even be free of the cost of cleaning debris, architects, and surveyors to renovate the house.

Usually insurance has a premium provision to be paid by the insured, which is adjusted at the level of risk. The higher the risk, the higher the premium.

As quoted from, in general, the high-low premium is divided into three classes of building construction, namely:

– Class 1 is flame retardant
– Class 2 is relatively fireproof
– Class 3 tends to be vulnerable to risk, such as combustible

Some of the possibilities experienced by occupancy in accordance with the provisions of PSAKI (Indonesian Standard Fire Insurance Policy), among others fire, lightning, explosion, falling aircraft, smoke. This type of risk is usually a common standard of policy provisions in every property assurance.

While risks such as floods, landslides, riots, and renovations into an expansion policy that will be offered by the insurance marketing team at the first time to make a policy.

Then what is protected? Apparently, not only the buildings are protected, but also valuables in it such as jewelry and collectibles.

Then, how to file an insurance claim when your occupancy is at risk, such as a fire?

The first step, when you buy a house or apartment usually the bank or the developer will offer property insurance. Insurance companies like this generally have become partners who have been approved both from the bank and the developer.

This process is easier for you, because you just choose the type of premium rate offered. But if you want to choose your own insurance company, it seems to be difficult.

The reason, at the time of filing, will be sruvey first from the insurer. In addition, it will also go through the process of permission to the developer, to find out whether or not allowed.

The second step, namely the insurance claim process. If there is a risk to your occupancy, the insurer will conduct an investigation first. The purpose of this investigation is to determine the reasonableness of the risk clause.

Why investigate? Because, every building has different clauses. Both houses, apartments, and even offices have their own clause criteria. For that reason consider the rules of claim associated with the clause when about to apply for residential insurance.

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