How To Treat Kaligata Disease

In the tropics like Indonesian, of course, there are also advantages and disadvantages. Well as well as regarding health. Indonesian society of course in the transition period or the transition season will experience some diseases. Typical diseases Pancaroba season is dengue fever, flu, or types. Moreover, plus a weak immune system. Cytokines also include conditions caused by the humid temperature that causes allergies. This humid heat causes the body to react, and sudden warming occurs then the skin exposed to cold temperatures. Here we refer to how to treat kaligata disease, but before you have to know more about this disease.

Kaligata or often called by this biduran society causes bumps and swelling in some regions of the body. In addition to this because the temperature is also caused by food allergies, drinks or body reactions due to certain things. Therefore it is certain that the body will also experience things that are not desirable. Swelling due to the chilblains can also occur in the eye area. Eyes will feel swollen, lips, ears, and others. Therefore there is a need for treatment. Let’s just listened again what the facts about the disease and the medicine kaligata kaligata:

Causes of Kaligata Disease


Food is one of the causes of chilblains. The body will react when the food consumed is not acceptable by the body. For example is seafood food. This food when consumed by the body allergies will cause itching and bumps.


Cold air temperature will sometimes cause the body affected by this disease. The body will bump and swell when we are in a place where the temperature is very uncomfortable in the body. For those of you who already have a history of chilblains due to cold temperatures should wear thick jackets while traveling at night. Also, you can also avoid going to a place where the temperature is cold.

Insect bites

Insect bites can also make your chilblains. So the cause of this thing is very diverse. You do not worry because you can certainly find a cure for the disease.
Drugs Of Kaligata Disease From Natural Materials


How to treat the first natural naturally with the leaf is the leaf. How to use rhinoceros as a cure alligator very easy. Leaves are washed and then boiled. Well, water stew can be used for a variety of treatment of kalamata. That can be used for bathing and also, of course, can to remove the bump on the body earlier. Leaves are now quite difficult to find. However, in some areas still very much.

The leaves are sembung

The leaf of this sembung can also be a fairly potent disease of kalamata. The trick is very easy, the leaves are crushed and then given salt, and powder Viva found in many stalls. Then it can be applied to the body that experience itching.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be applied directly to the itchy part of the body. Also, you can also use it as an itching remover. Coconut oil is quite effective in curing itching. Even, you can buy it at the nearest store. This can be cured with a bath with warm water. Also, do not use soap first because it will become even worse. It is no less important is not to eat a fishy food such as eggs, fish, chicken and more. Eat vegetables like tofu and tempeh.

Those are some ways of treating the naturally occurring calligrams that you need to know and can add to your insight. To treat this disease naturally, you can get easily around you. Although a little was difficult to do, this is quite powerful as a drug.

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