How To Know The Personality Of Someone Based on Blood Type Facts

Everyone knows that blood has a vital role in life. For life we ​​need blood. The problem is so interesting to be studied, especially for countries located in Asia. Blood type is not only important for science and medicine, but it is very influential on the job until the matchmaking. Questions related to what one’s blood type became commonplace in Japan.

Blood type is believed to influence one’s character and temperament. The four blood groups that become the primary classification are A, B, O, and AB. The four were first published in 1909.

How To Know The Personality Of Someone Based on Blood Type Facts

The intriguing relationship between blood type and personality was finally learned by Mashiko Nomi who worked as a journalist in the 1970s. He finally managed to publish a paper entitled “Studying Temperament Through Blood Type.”

Paper published by Takeji Furukawa in 1927 though without strong scientific evidence but very famous even serve as a benchmark by the public. Here are some characteristics of the four blood groups A, B, AB and O. Then how do I know the personality traits of a person based on blood type facts? Let’s refer to the following media healthy article to complete.

Characteristics of Blood Type A

Blood type A is a blood group that is calm. So calm, you could say that blood type A has a very cool characteristics. Usually, a person of this blood type has a careful nature, obedient rules, sympathetic, polite, self-sacrificing, loyal, emotional, nervous and introvert.

Although in a state of anger, blood type A remains calm and peaceful love. Although sometimes somewhat sensitive to public opinion, often shy, nervous, uncomfortable with others and also introvert owners of blood type is a loyal person. Also, they have a slightly hesitant nature to change so are very careful in making decisions. And finally, they are more comfortable and comfortable if one task is solved.

Characteristics of Blood Type B Positive

A person with a confident B blood group tends to have a feeling that is always active, sensitive, forgetful, cheerful, optimistic, noisy and also egocentric. The owner of this blood type is usually still passionate and energetic to reach either direction or destination.

They have a strong focus and never get out of their focus until the goal is achieved. However, the frequency of type B blood type is an individualistic and challenging to cooperate with musikji.

Owner of Blood Type B Positive likes adventure, easy to get around, fun, wants to get something in their way and like to interact (touch or touch others).

  • Good Nature: Creative, cheerful, hardworking, individualistic, strong, and expressive
  • Bad nature: Forgetful, impatient, unresponsive, insensitive and uncertain

Characteristics of Blood Type AB

A sympathetic, diplomatic, creative, relaxed, artistic, unexpected, fancier, easy going, social, and flexible person is a special characteristic of the AB blood type character. Mixing between blood types A and B produces a mixture of sometimes brave and sometimes shy characters, sometimes introverted and sometimes extroverted, sometimes quiet sometimes unexpected.

Mixing the two characters that make the owner of blood type AB so interesting, appears mysterious, and able to socialize well in the community. You could say the owner of Blood Type AB is a humanist type.

The owner of blood type AB has a logical nature and excellent analytical reasoning. Unresolved problems can make them so angry and anxious.

  • Good Nature: rational. Interesting, controllable, and reliable
  • Bad Attributes: Forgetful, ambiguous, stingy, irresponsible, and less assertive.

Characteristics of Blood Type O

Blood type O owners have high self-esteem, dedicated, arrogant, energetic, extrovert, always stand out, generalist, dare to sacrifice, a lot of whim, and easy to socialize.

A blood group O can be a trendsetter and also resilient as a soldier. Not only honest, but they are so fond of someone who hides the truth. They are born as leaders but often neglect the task if deemed less challenging.

  • Good Nature: Ambitious, confident, honest, passionate, optimistic
  • Lousy nature: Envy, reckless, workaholic, unexpected

From the description of the characteristics of the blood group above, then what type of blood do you have? Check immediately and know the nature of your personality through understanding the nature of a person’s character based on blood type facts.

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