Historical Video Tour Guides – All in an App

News archive footage has many more uses than just in movies and documentaries. Thanks to innovative new technology, some of the most respected historical places in the world are now creating video tour apps using archive footage to bring history to life.

At one time, if you wanted to see inside a historic venue or royal building, you either needed to be in a privileged position or patient enough to queue for hours in the rain to see just a small portion of it, often for a fee. And its here where the digitisation of stock footage has played a significant part.

Once the domain of cutting edge technology firms, video tour apps are now being made of many places which were previously off limits. One such example is the Diamond Jubilee Tour app, developed by AlwaysOnMessage. An app which uses news archive footage in ways which history lovers should find very enlightening.

Not only does it use GPS to connect you wherever you are with your iPhone, but this ground breaking application also gives the user a stunning experience of a walk around some of London’s finest venues, as visited and lived in by the monarchy for hundreds of years.

Another fascinating feature of the app is its attention to detail with the small things. Because while all of us are fascinated with learning about the big events and seeing inside royal buildings which have been closed off from public access for decades, we also want to know what it was like growing up in a royal family.

At this, the app excels, and lots of the stock footage used shows Prince William and Harry in their own environment as children, as well as the family in an every day, normal atmosphere. All of the interactive video has been lovingly restored and edited, too, so users wont be forced to sit through any dull moments and will find top quality images at all times.

In other words, its as close as you’ll get to walking around the grounds of majestic locations. And don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone. The creators have plans to make this and other versions available to everyone, including Android users and those using other mobile devices.

In fact, numerous different versions of these apps are on their way and being developed as you read this, all using news archive footage in creative, fascinating ways. All will feature the appropriate language options, along with fully interactive menus designed to show off the best stock footage which has been under wraps for years.

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