Food Prohibited for Patients with Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are one of the diseases sucks because of the pain caused by the disease can be said to be very painful, and even can cause a person to be unconscious. Kidney stones are usually formed by several factors, one of which is due to an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of drinking, frequent urination hold up to hereditary factors. Well, for those of you who have or currently have kidney stones then surely already know that we can no longer be free to consume food or beverages because if one consumes little food then you will be recurrent disease.
4 Food Prohibited for Patients with Kidney Stones
Let those who do not know w
hat the food should not be consumed by people with kidney stones excessive then please refer to the text below.

Abstinence Food for Patients with Kidney Stones

1. Limiting Food Containing Vitamin C
For patients with kidney stones, they can not be arbitrary to eat or should limit their intake of vitamin C, because as we all know that the metabolism of vitamin C will produce okslat which is one of forming kidney stones. Vitamin C is usually much are oranges that we must reduce to consume the fruit of this one, as much as possible avoid drinks supplements containing vitamin C.

2. Limit consumption of salt

Vegetables without salt does not feel right, but do not need to over-consume excess salt because something was not good. For patients with kidney stones is highly recommended to reduce salt intake because it can increase your kidney stones. When we consume a lot of salt so it makes the kidneys work harder and creates an enormous amount of calcium in the urine so that it can cause the formation of kidney stones, moreover it is exacerbated by the lack of consuming water.

3. Limiting Foods Containing Oxalate
Consuming foods containing excessive oxalate not only can cause the formation of kidney stones but also aggravate the situation someone who has suffered from kidney stones. Usually foods containing oxalates found in spinach, strawberries, chocolate, wheat, grains and tea. So, less eating these foods if you do not want to disease recurrence.

4. Limiting Calcium Intake
Well the last taboo for people with kidney stones should not eat foods that are rich in calcium excessively because this can lead to kidney stones. If you have a history of kidney stones disease then you should not excessive consumption of milk and processed products are made from milk.

Well that’s 4 foods that are prohibited for people with kidney stones . But should when a kidney stone was great then as soon as possible to consult the doctor in order to be given further action because over time the enlarged kidney stones can cause damage to the kidneys. But if the stone is still small then it does not need to go to a doctor because it is quite consuming lots of water and herb whiskers then a small stone can come out by itself. (Read: How to treat kidney stone disease naturally without surgery )

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