Balloon release for a cultural event in Yogyakarta

Culture is closely associated with the city of Yogyakarta. For various reasons the city is regarded as the cultural city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. But this time have started measuring the culture of children in this city. With the influx of foreign culture that has been in Yogyakarta cause a variety of traditional activities disappear. Therefore do a variety of events that will bring back the custom or tradition in this student city. One of the highlights to be seen is a cultural parade in the city of Yogyakarta.

To support the event will be held various events and one that could support the event is the use of a balloon release. Balon pelepasan Jogja is widely used to make a variety of events becomes more lively and is becoming increasingly in demand by the audience. The uniqueness and the aura that will be released by a balloon release will attract people to re-watch the cultural parade. So that cultural parade will look more crowded with balloon release being used.

Gas balloons or balloon release is typically used at the beginning of the event. Why is used at the beginning of the parade? It is used to start the culture parade is represented or do when a hot air balloon or a balloon release began to fly. With the large amount of air balloons can make the event look more lively. Therefore if you are using a balloon release then you should use in large quantities or in bulk. Because the effect on your next event.

For this reason we recommend the use of a hot air balloon must also be adapted to the theme of the event. The more the use of a hot air balloon, then you can make your event more festive. Moreover it does is show a cultural parade that was already closely premises customs of various regions in Indonesia. Therefore By using a variety of skills an EO or even governments to regulate that event will be better if you add all conducted by various parties more attractive by using a balloon release.

A Lions Club sponsored Memorial Day service at a local cemetary in Salt Lake City , Utah in 2001 . Here hundreds of red , white and blue balloons are released into the sky in honor and remembrance of American veterans whove fought for our freedom , and especially those who gave their lives .

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